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Your floors are made to be walked on, but that doesn’t mean that tile and grout don’t suffer from normal wear and tear. When your grout is damaged, it’s best left to the professionals to fix it. We will remove any damaged grout you have and re-grout those areas before sealing them for easy maintenance. If there is any tile damage that accompanies the damaged grout, we can talk to you about our tile repair services as well. If you need grout restoration or grout repair in Charlotte, Raleigh, Fayetteville or anywhere in between, talk to the experts at Renov8 today.

Areas We Can Provide Our Grout Repair in Raleigh & Charlotte

You may not have noticed all of the places in your home that you have grout, but it can be found anywhere throughout your home or business. It doesn’t matter where your damaged grout is, Renov8 can repair it. Here are some of the areas in your home or business that may need our Raleigh grout repair services:

  • Kitchen Floors & Walls
  • Bathroom Floors, Walls, Back Splash Areas
  • Showers & Tubs
  • Commercial Kitchen Floors & Walls
  • Office Bathrooms & Kitchens
  • Outdoor Patio Areas & Pavers
  • Brick, concrete and porcelain tiling.

Residential & Commercial Grout Repair in Raleigh & Charlotte

Renov8 works with both residential and commercial customers throughout Charlotte & Raleigh to provide grout repair services and re-grouting. If you want to have your grout restored to it’s original beauty, talk to our experts today. Once we repair your grout and re-grout any areas that need to have grout re-added, you’re going to want to take care of it. We will provide a sealing coat to protect the grout, which means that taking care of your grout is easy, still, you will want to clean it regularly and sweet and mop to prevent dirt from collecting and to stop staining.

Our Refinishing Services

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We offer a Lifetime Guarantee and will beat any written quote by 15%.

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If you have damaged grout that is cracking or has just disappeared, you can count on Renov8 to restore your grout to it’s original condition. We will clean any dirty grout you have, but we will also repair and replace any grout as necessary to make sure that your walls and floors look as they were intended. Aside from grout repair & grout cleaning, we also provide a number of other refinishing services such as: Crack & Chip Repairs, Counter Refinishing, Bathroom Remodeling, Vanity Top Refinishing, Tile Refinishing, Bathtub Refinishing, Sink Refinishing, Grout Cleaning, Shower Refinishing, and Cabinet Refinishing

Renov8 Refinishing Charlotte NC Provides Grout Cleaning To These Areas

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Renov8 Refinishing Charlotte NC
6047 Tyvola Glen Cir #130
Charlotte, NC 28217