Counter Top Refinishing.

Counter Top Refinishing.

Refinishing countertops offers an unlimited opportunity to create a beautiful area while taking advantage of saving money and time. This process of refinishing means restoring the beauty of the counter while extending its functional life. At Renov8, we are happy to work with both residential and commercial locations in a type of refinishing that makes any countertops look like new.

We Do All Types of Countertop Refinishing

It has been found that countertops endure the most use of almost any area in a home or business and is one of the most obvious places noticed if it is in disrepair. Nicks, scratches and discoloration are common problems. 

Tile, cultural marble, laminate, wood, and other types of countertops can be refinished. This will not only save you money and time but also present a fresh look to an otherwise drab area. This means you do not have to break the bank to get a new looking countertop.

Countertop Refinishing

Each type of countertop requires a thorough cleaning and specific treatment, such as sealing cracks and chips, prior to applying a finishing material that will restore it to its natural beauty or introduce a new look. 

Regardless of the original material used we, at Renov8, have the highly trained technicians with the necessary skills to make a countertop look like it has just been installed. Special coatings are the final step of refinishing. A large number of colors and different coatings are available regardless of what the original countertop material may be. 

Our Stone Flecks Ulra finishes are most popular for vanity tops or kitchen countertops. Material is extremely long-lasting and durable. This material is sprayed to the surface providing a beautiful appearance that reflects the taste of a resident or business owner.

Our Residential Countertop Applications

In any home, one will find a wide variety of countertops. Imagine having a refinished job, completed in a day or two, compared to having to tear out the countertop and start from scratch. This results in less interruption of one’s day to day living requirements as well as saving money.

Our Commercial Countertop Applications

At any commercial enterprise, having attractive countertops is essential. This is especially true in commercial food service areas, restrooms, public institutions, stores and other locations used by the public or employees. Having them in good condition will please customers and keep the flow of traffic at a maximum. 

Regardless of the layout of your countertops, we are able to make the refinish in place. This can be done quickly and efficiently. Refinishing your countertops makes it easy to create good customer relationships as well as encouraging a good work area for employees.

Who We Are

Our company is devoted to working with both residential and commercial customers who desire their countertops to look fresh and match the surrounding area. This means we make sure that when the job is completed it will provide the desired result. 

At Renov8, we are proud to offer an extensively trained staff who are able to complete a countertop refinishing job in a fast and efficient manner. We offer weekend and after-hour service if required and refinishing usually takes 1 or 2 days. 

This schedule means that, by keeping downtime to a minimum, you can be assured that there will be as little interruption in service as possible. This is important for businesses that shut down at night or busy households that must have a counter available for use as quickly as possible. 

We are proud to serve both residential and commercial customers in Charlotte, and the surrounding area, and work equally well on short and long jobs. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded and offer free estimates. You will find our prices are reasonable and our service available at any time. 

Call us today at our Charlotte location at 704.807.9764 we’ll discuss your options and send one of our countertop specialists to inspect, explain the job, and provide a free estimate.

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