Cabinet Refinishing Raleigh NC

Cabinet Refinishing Raleigh NC

One of the most notable things one can find in a kitchen or bathroom is the cabinets. Unfortunately, over time these can become shabby, accumulate grime or grease and just be unattractive. This can happen in both homes and businesses.

Replacing these cabinets can be very expensive, however today we are able to refinish them and give your cabinets that brand new look you fell in love with when you first moved in. This is especially effective if you are renovating your home as you will most likely want the overall look of your home to flow with the room you are looking to refinish.

The First Step To Realizing Your Dream Kitchen.

The first step is determining what kind of cabinets you need to create a dream kitchen or bathroom. Perhaps your cabinets have that dark or light wood look and you would like more fresh or modern look,maybe a nice white or perhaps a light grey . You can browse our site and see how we can help you make a choice that will match any decor you are looking for.

We will show you a large number of options that will help you change the entire layout of your kitchen, bathroom or other location and help you make a choice that will meet your needs.

The Process of Refinishing.

The process of refinishing cabinets is a process that is very simple and really does bring brand new life to the room.

Step 1.Our Technician  will begin by taping off and creating a space that contains any debris during the sanding process.

Step2. Our technician will then start removing every cabinet door and will load them up in the van to take to the shop.(Doors will be worked on in the shop)

Step 3. Technician will then start cleaning surfaces with a commercial grade solvent cleaner to remove any grease and dust from cabinets prior to sanding.

Step 4. Technician will now start the sanding process as this will help the material adhere better to the surface allowing the glaze to last for many years to come.

Step 5. Technician will then begin the process of spraying cabinets when everything is sanded, cleaned and every inch of floor, wall and ceiling is covered with paper or plastic to protect your surfaces.

Step 6. During the process of spraying , 2 coats of primer will be applied to the wood followed by 3 coats of top coat glaze.  Once that is completed the last step would be to clean up after ourselves.

Choosing Your Refinishing Contractor.

When you are planning a project, such as cabinet refinishing, naturally you want the best deal and the best work possible. This makes it important to have contact with a refinishing company who is experienced in the field, offers the best advice possible and easy to work with.

Our company will offer the following:

  • Highly trained and experienced employees.
  • Be insured, licensed and bonded.
  • Have a good reputation in the industry.
  • A free estimate.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • Pictures or examples of different refinishing colors.

For more information regarding cabinet refinishing in your home or business, give us a call at 704-807-9764 to discuss what is available.