Fiberglass Shower Refinishing

Fiberglass Shower Refinishing

Fiberglass Shower/Tubs – Repair or Replace?

Does your fiberglass shower/tub look dirty? Does it have cracks or broken spots? We, at Renov8, are now able to make repairs and refinish your shower/tub to look like new. Our company is able to respond to homeowners, hotels, large and small apartments regardless of the size of the job. 

Resurfacing/recoloring of a fiberglass shower/bathtub is less expensive and more cost-effective as it is not always possible to obtain a replacement that is the same size as the original. This can add additional costs for remodeling. 

Fiberglass showers/tubs are composed of glass-fiber-reinforced plastic. It is popular because it is stronger than some metals, is lightweight, has an assortment of surface textures and is easily molded into bathtubs or showers. When they become damaged, over a long period of use, we are able to repair and refinish them so that they look like new. 

Fiberglass bathtubs or showers have a colored finishing, or gel coat, applied to the original material. Damages can be caused by: 

  • Water wearing away the original finish and trapping dirt and stains in the surface 
  • Excessive cleaning or scrubbing 

Choosing a Different Look

If you wish to change the color or finish of the tub, we will help you determine what best fits your situation. We will show you different décor ideas and texture options that will best fit your particular situation. 

Perhaps you want to re-paint or renovate the bathroom. This is a perfect opportunity to change the tub to match the new look. This is done without sacrificing the durability or strength of the bathtub. We are able to respond to any job no matter how large or small.

Steps of Fiberglass Shower Refinishing and Fiberglass Tubs

When performing Fiberglass Shower Refinishing or refinishing a fiberglass tub there are certain steps that must be followed. These are: 

  • Complete cleaning of the bathtub 
  • Applying acid to take off the original gloss and etch the surface 
  • Fill holes and chips 
  • Remove all materials and thoroughly clean the tub 
  • Mask fixtures and surround as well as protect the floor with plastic sheets 
  • Mix catalyst and colored resin and apply with a spray system 
  • Apply a second and third coat if necessary 
  • Let dry and harden 

The result is a beautiful tub that can be used approximately 24 hours after work is completed. 

We are proud when our work results in a beautiful tub that is created with a minimum of downtime and has the strength and durability of the original product. This means 10 to 20 years of use before it needs to be redone. 

Whether you have one fiberglass tub or several, our company is large enough to respond quickly and efficiently regardless of the size of the job. The small amount of time required for renewing fiberglass bathtubs and showers makes it an ideal choice for locations, such as hotels that have a fast turnover. 

Who We Are

Our staff is composed of highly trained professionals who are experienced in all areas of fiberglass shower refinishing. We are proud to take an active interest in your needs and welcome the opportunity to provide a service solution that is efficient and long-lasting. 

We are ready to guide you through a fiberglass shower refinishing process that will best fit your particular needs. The products and colors we use are the best on the market making it possible for us to deliver the most efficient and reliable work available. 

The price for refinishing will vary if the tub is attached to a fiberglass surround that does not have a cutoff point. This will be fully explained at the time of inspection and cost estimate. 

While a new tub may seem less expensive than re-glazing, you must add in labor expenses as well as possible damage to the surrounding area. 

Specific skills are required for this type of work and make it important to have professionals on the job. Our company takes pride in being able to work quickly and efficiently with fiberglass bathtub refinishing and we are equipped with the latest equipment and products required to do this type of work. 

We are insured, bonded, offer reasonable prices and provide service to Charlotte and the surrounding area. Give us a call today at 704.807.9764 for more information regarding a fast and reasonably priced solution to your fiberglass bathtub problem.