Bathtub Refinishing Services in Apex NC

When you contact Renov8 for bathtub reglazing in Apex NC, our team will provide a free on site consultation. We take a look at the current condition of your tub and will provide a quote for bathtub refinishing services in Apex. Our bathtub resurfacing, reglazing and refinishing services will restore your tub to its former shine. Compared to the cost and time involved in replacing your bathtub, bathtub reglazing in Apex NC is a far more efficient method of restoration while not compromising the desired aesthetic. While we are there, our team will provide a quote for any other kitchen or bathroom refinishing services you may need. Contact the pros at Renov8 today for a free consultation on bathtub refinishing services in Apex.

Bathtub Replacement vs. Bathtub Resurfacing Services in Apex NC

If you are remodeling your bathroom, you might think that you need to purchase a new bathtub to provide the look you desire. That simply isn’t so. Bathtub reglazing in Apex NC allows you to choose a custom color and pattern to match the rest of your bathroom. What’s more, bathtub replacement can be incredibly cost and time prohibitive. A new tub can easily cost well over $3000 and the time needed to remove your old tub and install a new is extensive. Bathtub resurfacing and bathtub refinishing in Apex from Renov8 typically costs about half of the price of a new tub and our services are complete in a day or two. If you are remodeling your bathroom or just want to restore your tub, contact Renov8 for bathtub reglazing, bathtub refinishing and bathtub resurfacing in Apex NC.

Residential & Commercial Bathtub Refinishing in Apex NC

Whether you are a homeowner or manage hotels, apartment complexes or other business with bathtubs, the team at Renov8 can handle your bathtub reglazing in Apex NC. No residential or commercial bathtub refinishing job is too big or too small for our team. We can work with most any tub materials including porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic, marble and more. From modern tub styles with jets to classic claw-footed tubs, Renov8 can work with any bathtub style. Contact Renov8 today for all of your commercial and residential bathtub refinishing needs in Apex.

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Call Renov8 at 919-780-7143 or contact us online for bathtub resurfacing, bathtub refinishing and bathtub reglazing in Apex NC. Our bathtub refinishing services take less time and are more cost effective than bathtub replacement while still allowing you to choose custom colors and patterns. Whether you own a marble, acrylic, porcelain, fiberglass, cast-iron or other type of tub, Renov8 can handle your reglazing, resurfacing and refinishing needs. We will also provide a free quote for other kitchen and bathroom refinishing services in Apex including Sink Refinishing, Vanity Top Refinishing, Counter Refinishing, Bathtub Refinishing, Crack & Chip Repairs, Cabinet Refinishing, Tile Refinishing, Shower Refinishing, and Grout Cleaning.

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