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Renov8 provides the best bathtub refinishing Concord NC. We will schedule an on site consultation and examine your bathtub. Once we have looked at the state of your tub and determined needed repairs and your updated color selection, we will provide a quote. Our services typically take far less time and are a cheaper alternative to bathtub replacement. Once we get to work, we remove dents, cracks and chips and then provide bathtub resurfacing Concord NC. Our process for bathtub reglazing in Concord allows the selection of new colors, patterns and textures. The work takes just a few days from start to finish, unlike bathtub replacement which can take a week or two. Contact Renov8 today for a free consultation on bathtub refinishing Concord NC.

Commercial & Residential Bathtub Resurfacing Concord NC

No job is too big or too small for Renov8. We handle both small residential and large commercial bathtub refinishing Concord NC. We can handle your individual bathtub in your family home or provide multiple services for bathtub resurfacing Concord NC for hotels, schools, apartment complexes and other commercial spaces. No matter how many tubs are being serviced, we will expertly provide bathtub repair, bathtub resurfacing, bathtub refinishing and bathtub reglazing in Concord.

Bathtub Replacement Vs. Bathtub Refinishing in Concord NC

When your bathtub needs modernizing, repair, or restoration of shine, you may be thinking that bathtub replacement is your only option. With bathtub refinishing Concord NC from Renov8, you have options. Unless you are interested in installing a larger bathtub or one with new features, bathtub resurfacing and bathtub reglazing in Concord NC from our team can provide the services you need to restore the beauty and shine of your tub. Consider the advantages of bathtub resurfacing Concord NC from Renov8:

  • Bathtub refinishing Concord NC saves money. Bathtub replacement costs thousands. Our refinishing services cost just a fraction of replacement price.
  • Bathtub resurfacing Concord is better for the environment. Old tub molds end up in the landfill, so bathtub refinishing cuts down on waste.
  • Bathtub refinishing in Concord takes less time. Bathtub replacement means finding a mold that will fit your existing space. Installation and plumbing hookups have to then be handled which adds to the cost and time involved.
  • Bathtub reglazing in Concord gets rid of any cracks or chips and allows you to select a brand new look and feel for your bathtub.

Contact Renov8 today to get a free consultation on Concord bathtub refinishing by calling 704-807-9764.

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If your bathtub is in need of repair or remodeling, the team at Renov8 can save you time and money with bathtub refinishing Concord NC. Our bathtub repair and bathtub resurfacing Concord NC will restore your tub while removing dents and cracks. Bathtub reglazing in Concord from Renov8 allows you to choose a new look, feel and color without replacement. The end result is a beautiful bathtub that looks like new at a fraction of the time and cost needed for bathtub replacement.

Renov8 is your source for superior refinishing services in Concord. Contact us now for Shower Refinishing, Bathtub Refinishing, Grout Cleaning, Sink Refinishing, Tile Refinishing, Counter Refinishing, Crack & Chip Repairs, Vanity Top Refinishing, and Cabinet Refinishing and other refinishing, reglazing and resurfacing in Concord.


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