There is no doubt about it. Your kitchen is the room that gets everyone at the table. It’s the room in the house that can act as a cafeteria, workspace, and cool hang out for interesting conversations, but after years and years of use and abuse it will need to have a little pick me up. you will know at which point this is apperent when all the little faults begin to show through when they never did before. I can think of no other item that get use more and has the highest probability of being damaged then kitchen cabinets. Between the regular use that happens when you cook, to kids opening and slamming the doors every time they need a bowl for cereal. Even pets can take there tole on this room and reak damage to your cooking space.

That’s why choosing the right company is so important when doing a refinish job. See, you’re not buying brand new cabinets doors which, when you think about it, is like having all your teeth replaced with implants. What cabinet refinishing does is take all that the existing cabinets have to offer and bring them back to the life they had the first time you walked into your kitchen and will have you falling in love with your home all over again. One of the better perks about refinishing is that you also get to strengthen your cabinets with updated sealant and protective enamels that really will keep your constant barrage in this room in check.

Kitchen Cabinets 1

The coolest thing about refinishing your kitchen is that if you love the existing design of the cabinets but are remodeling your kitchen as well. You have the option of matching the color of the material that you are using for your remodel. Simply put the carpenter will basically sand away the existing color stain and sealer that is on the cabinets and then will restain and reseal in the color that is going to best represent the material that you are changing your kitchen with.

Look at this stunning work by Renov8 Remodeling in Raleigh NC and the conversion of a classic looking kitchen cabinet setup to a more modern looking master piece. You can tell that the customer must have been overjoyed with the work when they saw the completed work.

Before 4 After 4

What ever you decide to do understand that refinishing your kitchen can be one of the best things you can do for your home and for your family. It will take your kitchen to a whole new dimension and will leave those who visit with envy.