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Instead of replacing your outdated, cracked, or stained fiberglass shower, consider choosing Renov8 to refinish it instead. So long as you are happy with the functionality of your existing shower, you don’t need to be spend $1000’s of dollars on replacement. By letting us refinish your shower in Winston Salem, we can give you a brand new look and feel without the hassle hiring a remodeling contractor and plumber, and without the need to buy a brand new shower unit, while worrying about disposing of the old one. Often times we can refinish your shower in less than a day, which means you aren’t without the use of your shower for a long period of time. Our services also come with a lifetime guarantee, which means you know your shower will be beautiful long into the future. Give us a call at 336-496-0496 for a free quote today.

Should You Replace Or Refinish Your Shower in Winston Salem?

Renov8 offers a cost-effective solution for updating your fiberglass shower in Winston Salem, avoiding the high expenses associated with full replacement. Refinishing your shower not only costs significantly less, typically under $1000, compared to the hefty price tag of $900 to $10,000 for a replacement, but it also brings several other advantages:

  • Convenience:Opting for refinishing means we work directly with your current shower unit, eliminating the need for demolition or new installation. This process spares you the trouble of searching for a new shower that meets both your aesthetic preferences and the specific dimensions of your space.
  • Efficiency: Replacement projects can extend over several days or even weeks, leaving you without access to your bathroom. In contrast, Renov8’s refinishing service is swift, often completed within a day or two, swiftly restoring full access to your bathroom.
  • Custom Look: Beyond mere repairs of cracks, chips, or stains, we offer the opportunity to transform the appearance of your shower with new colors, textures, or styles that align with the latest trends. Whether you have a specific vision or need guidance in choosing a design, we provide the options and support to ensure your shower complements your home or business perfectly..
  • Significant Savings: While it bears repeating, the financial benefits of refinishing with Renov8 are substantial. You stand to save thousands of dollars over replacing your unit, making refinishing in Winston Salem NC an economically wise choice.

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The durability and longevity of fiberglass make it a popular choice for showers and tubs in both residential and commercial settings. Yet, over time, normal usage and occasional mishaps can lead to damage. The prospect of replacement often leads to “sticker shock” due to the high costs involved, causing many to seek alternatives. Renov8 caters to both individual homeowners and business clients in Winston Salem, offering our services for single units as well as multiple showers across apartment complexes or hotels. If you have any inquiries or need further information, we invite you to reach out to us via phone or through our online contact options today.

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Renov8 Refinishing Winston Salem NC

We offer a Lifetime Guarantee and will beat any written quote by 15%.

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Your shower can tie your entire bathroom together, and that’s not a problem unless it’s damaged, discolored, or really outdated. If your shower doesn’t fit with the rest of your bathroom, talk to Renov8 about shower refinishing in Winston Salem NC. Our shower resurfacing process will leave your unit looking brand new, with no damage stains, chips, cracks, or discoloration. We can even change the style & color for you. For a free quote on shower refinishing in Winston Salem, give us a call at 336-496-0496 or contact us online.

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