The Best Materials to Use When Remodeling You Kitchen.

Like in all things we as Americans strive to be the best. It doesn’t change when we look to remodel one of the most important rooms of our home. The only problem is that there are so many ways to remodel your kitchen you can get lost in the monotony. Don’t worry, I have created a list of the TOP 10 Kitchen Remodeling Designs that will blow you away and narrow it down to expectation down to a choice I know you will love.

The Old Stand By. Granite!

Granite isn’t still around because it not a great option for Remodeling your Kitchen. That sleek look and undeniable shine when the sun hits are a trademark characteristic that many of us find attractive. Look out though Quartz isn’t that bad either. Low maintenance, durable, no need for sealing, it seems there may be a new contender for this simple yet attractive. You may have to break out a few piggy banks to get the material, but hey your Pasta Primavera never looked so good.

The Best Materials To Use When Remodeling Your Kitchen. 1



No one can deny that there’s a certain sexiness that comes from having a Stainless-Steel Kitchen. The feel as your hand slides against the steel, although cold, can give you goosebumps and you can re-enacted your favorite Robocop Scene “ Dead or alive you’re coming to dinner”.

The Best Materials To Use When Remodeling Your Kitchen. 2

Butcher Block

My personal favorite, the look of this wood will give you the sense that you back on the farm with Grandma making fresh cookies while a pot of stew is on the stove simmering. A popular choice for 2018, so you may have to wait while on back order.

The Best Materials To Use When Remodeling Your Kitchen. 3



If you have the go big or go home mentality Marble is ultimately the final frontier. Certainly Not the most economically sound choice. This material does bring a sense of elegance and affluence that sends the message that you have arrived. The cost is certainly high and when you choose a company you really should look for a company that has an experience level of veteran. Getting a new company might not be the best idea. The last thing you want to do is short change yourself since you are already making a solid investment to begin with.

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Ultimately whatever material you decide, the one thing you need to be secure in is the you love coming home to the kitchen you want. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to a house and felt like the kitchen didn’t match the personality of the people I was visiting or the many conversations that I have had with friends that told me they would love to change their kitchen to their dream kitchen.

It should invite those you love to take a seat and grab a coffee mug or impress that special someone for the first time with your culinary skills. We all know that the kitchen is ground zero for some of the best conversations you may have for the rest of your life.


The kitchen you have should be a place you want to go to, not dread and avoid and now with the arsenal of information of what kind of choices you have when deciding what kind of kitchen you want. Let it be known that your ready to cook.