Oftentimes, we don’t realize how dirty and grungy the grout in our homes or offices are until it’s been professionally cleaned. Over time, dirt, grime and stains can build up between tiles, making the grout appear as though it is black or brown. Some homeowners and business owners might assume that due to the way their grout looks, it’s time to replace it. While grout replacement is recommended for areas where grout is coming up and has deteriorated, there is no reason to remove and replace grout that is simply stained.

Reasons to Seek Professional Service
If you’re tired of getting on your hands and knees with a toothbrush and still not getting the results that you desire, you need professional help. Oftentimes, the staining on the grout is so severe that no home remedy that you try will get it up. The professionals of Renov8 will come out to your home and thoroughly clean any and all grout that is stained. We use professional tools to clean the grout safely and effectively. You’re then left with beautiful grout that looks good as new without the integrity of the grout being compromised. If your grout is in need of replacement, Renov8 can help with this project as well and provide brand new grouting between stone and tiles that is in the color that best complement the color of the tiling that you have.

The Dirty/Clean Grout Difference
Dirty grout can make a room look dingy and old, but when the grout is professionally cleaned, the tile looks renewed and refreshed. It could also mean the difference between a home that sells quickly on the market to one that stays stagnant because of the way its tiling looks. The more grout that you have in your house, the more likely it is that you could benefit from professional grout cleaning because the harder it is going to b for you to clean on your own. There’s no reason for your tile to look old and dingy just because of grout that is otherwise easy for Renov8 to clean for you. Once Renov8 leaves from doing the work, you’re left with gorgeous tile that makes your home look cleaner than ever before.

Stain and Soil Removal
During the grout cleaning service, Renov8 will remove any soil and stains found between your tiles. They can also coat the grout for you to prevent it staining in the future. This coat will also prevent dirt from clinging and falling into the grout line, which prevents you from having to get the grout cleaned often.

Routine Care and Maintenance
Once Renov8 comes out to your home or office and thoroughly cleans the grout, it is up to you to provide routine care and maintenance to prevent staining from forming. If the company used a sealing coat to protect the grout from staining, the maintenance that you have to do is relatively nonexistent. However, if you had the grout cleaned without this coating being added, you need to sweep and mop the area regularly to prevent excess dirt and stains from forming.

Dirty Grout Services
Some of the areas that Renov8 can service for grout cleaning include:

-Bathroom floors and walls, including showers and tubs.
-Kitchen tile floors, countertops, and backsplashes.
-Commercial kitchen flooring and counter surfaces.
-Office bathroom and kitchen tiles.
-Natural stone pavers and outdoor patio areas.
-Brick, concrete and porcelain tiling.

Make an Appointment Today!
At Renov8, our motto is “Don’t Hate It, Renov8 It!” because we feel there is no reason for you to be unhappy with your home or office when there’s a wide range of projects that can be done to enhance the property and get it looking as good as new. Contact our office to find out more about the services we offer as well as to schedule an appointment to have your grout cleaned for your house or business property. We will come out quickly and promptly to begin the work that is needed to get your property looking its absolute best. We offer reasonable rates for high-quality work and trusted experience that you can rely on. You can contact our Charlotte office today at 704-807-9764 to schedule grout cleaning.