Bathtub refinishing

Should You Renovate Your Bathroom?

Your home is supposed to be a sanctuary for you. It can be a pleasure to have a family room that’s a haven for coziness and serenity. It can be just as big a pleasure to have a bathroom that’s...
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More Light on the Subject of Bathroom Lighting

When renovating a bathroom, a variety of factors come in to play depending on the size of the renovation. Usually, bathroom flooring, cabinetry, reglazing, and countertop options are the significant forerunners in a bathroom redo. Today it’s all about bathroom...
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Valuable Tips to Bathroom Refinishing

Have you made the decision to refinish your bathroom? Maybe it’s outdated or it no longer fits your needs, but no matter your reason, the time is here. Prior to starting your project, consider the following 6 tips for your...
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