IT’S OVER!! YOU HAVE HAD ENOUGH. It is time to come to the reality that you need to start looking for someone to renovate your home. You have saved your money, planned your vacation time, put together a collage, dream board, design, whatever you it is that has solidified you into what you want your home to look like. Now here comes the most crucial part of the whole process. You need to hire a carpenter but wait! You don’t know any carpenters. So, you do what everybody else does. You jump on the internet and do 1 of 2 things. You take the first company that you see pop up on the screen or go deep diving the internet. Both options are good but what do you really know about the actual carpenter that you have entering you fortress of solitude. Let’s look at some of the crucial things that you should keep an eye out for when your carpenter makes his way into your house. These simple tell tail signs will tell you everything that you need to know about the type of person you just let into your home and whether this experience is going to be quick, easy, and without incident.   References This is one of the basics and if you want the best for you or your family. You better ask for references. A lot of time any renovation company will have some of there past work ready for you to see. This portfolio should look very professional. With pictures, time tables, price points. This portfolio should be made to make you want this carpenter to work on your 30-year investment. Once you have the references CALL THEM! 3 Things You Need To Do Before You Hire A Carpenter 1 Access Professionalism. Now not every carpenter is going to look like they came out of the DIY channel. They may come out of the truck looking like as actual carpenters. This means nothing because it never smart to judge a book by its cover. Wait to see what this person has to say. You will immediately know if this is the carpenter is for you after a few conversations. These conversations are a direct line into what kind of person you will be dealing with over the next couple of weeks.   3 Things You Need To Do Before You Hire A Carpenter 2       Ask For Samples. Now with certain specialty carpenters you need to ask for samples of their work. The last thing that you want when you looking to get any type of specialty work done in your home is to have the end product not match what you want. 3 Things You Need To Do Before You Hire A Carpenter 3   There are always going to be ups and downs when you get your house remodeled but finding the right carpenter can make a world of difference. Just remember that when the dust settles, and all the work is done you should fall in love with the way your home looks and if you have the right carpenter there no way you won’t.