3 Sinks That Might Make You Think It’s Time To Remodel.

It’s in this writer’s opinion that a lot of home owner don’t really put to much stock into the kinds of sinks that they have in their bathroom. To me this could be the biggest of shame that a home owner can do to themselves. Given our advancement over the years, sinks really should be placed on the shelf of greatness where it belongs more and more often if we really did take the time to look out there and see what the world has to offer in this area.

Here are 3 sinks that I think will definitely push you over the edge and give you the spark of inspiration to check that old bathroom out and check in with Renov8 about bathroom remodeling.

Sink #1

This sink is the perfect addition to your bathroom if you have a great attraction to the sea. The bathroom does seem to be a place where a lot of the nautical inspirations seem to land. There must be something about the thought of sinking looking around the room and having the feeling of the wind flowing through your hair and the freeing nature being on the sea gives all of us.

Sink 1


Who doesn’t like going to the aquarium. I mean really! This sink is just cool. I personally have a great admiration for sharks. Now I think it might be a bad idea to put any dangerous fish anywhere in your house, other then in place you have strictly designated as yours and no one else’s. But hey this is your house and if you want to wash your hands in a sink filled with piranha. Then by god you go right ahead and put your courage to the test my friend. YOLO!

Sink 2


This water fall faucet is the pure definition of class and sophistication. It definitely will make you smile every time you enter the bathroom to do anything that involve the need for it. I image that with the right water pressure you might end falling under the hypnotic spell of the sinks ability to make you fall in love. Just image you are on a deserted island in the Caribbean and a beautiful person is waiting for you right under it. Waving you to come closer and closer.

Sink 3