Shower Tile Refinishing /Re Glazing.

Shower Tile Refinishing /Re Glazing.

What do office buildings, department stores, hotels, and homes have in common? They all have bathrooms. The problem begins when bathrooms age and need a facelift. This costs thousands of dollars in renovation and remodeling. Is there an easier way?

A Word About Tubs And Refinishing

The first decision should be if a home’s bathroom is being totally revamped or just updated. In an update, homeowners will add new hardware, a new vanity, new lighting, refinish the tile, and possibly the tub, and voila! a new bathroom.

If it’s a total re-do, and the tub is older and of good quality, then refinishing it is better than cutting it in half to get it through the bathroom door. Want to save a beautiful clawfoot tub or an antique cast iron tub? We do that. We also refinish and re-glaze fiberglass and steel tubs.

Tub And Shower Tile

Most times, all that needs fixing is the tub and shower tile as well as the tile floor and tile backsplash around the vanity. The colors of yesteryear were hot in their day, but times have changed. Yesterday’s grass green, harvest gold, and rose pink have evolved into white, gray, and beige.

A complete bathroom renovation costs into the thousands when you add materials and labor. A refinish and re-glaze, though, costs one-third of that. If the countertop and tub need to be changed out, just let us know. Anything can be refinished, including antiques, furnishings, cabinetry, tubs, counters, and sinks.

The Refinishing-Re-glazing Process

The term “re-glazing” is misleading. To truly re-glaze a tile, it would have to be removed from a surface, mailed back to its manufacturer, stripped, refinished and then baked in a kiln at temperatures in excess of 2,000 degrees. Homeowners and others with bathrooms will agree this is a little much.

However, today’s technology has given us chemicals as well as processes with which to cure dingy, cracked, chipped, rusty, and faded bathtubs and tile. The trained technician will first strip the tub, tile, counter or other items to be refinished and re-glazed.

He will then repair rust, chips, cracks, or holes in the finish. A primer coat is applied, followed by layers of coating, and finishing with a sealer. Then the whole is buffed to a high sheen. The tile, tub, or other refinished item will be available for use within one to three days. Homeowners and business owners won’t believe their eyes when they see their new bathtubs or tile.

To Whom Are Our Services Available?

Hotel/motel owners, innkeepers, AirBnB owners, apartment management companies, remodeling contractors and decorators, realtors, and homeowners will benefit from our refinishing and re-glazing services. No longer will business owners and homeowners have to pay the price of a full renovation. Refinishing can be done in one day with less to no mess.

Realtors will advise their clients how to make their bathrooms look new without the cost. Apartment management companies will keep abreast of the times by refinishing and re-glazing their bathrooms and kitchens while paying less.

Benefits Of Using Our Service

Not only can business owners and homeowners get a beautiful new bathtub or tile refinished, but we also finish items in any material. Want a granite counter top in the bathroom? Done. Want the shower tile to look like stone? We do that. Do you have an antique cabinet or farm vanity and sink? We’ll return it to its full glory.

Refinishing and re-glazing costs in the ballpark of $300 to $500, a small fraction of the thousands a new tub and tile surround, sink, vanity, and countertops would cost.

We get most jobs done in one day. We don’t leave the mess that renovation can causes. When we’re done, the bathroom will look like new and last a long time. It will be easier to clean as well. We even have cleaning tips for business and homeowners. We also have many colors and textures from which to choose.

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