Kitchen Refinishing & Bathroom Refinishing in Knightdale NC

If your bathroom or kitchen is in need of a fresh new look, contact the experts at renov8 for kitchen refinishing and bathroom refinishing in Knightdale NC. Reglazing, resurfacing and refinishing services in Knightdale from Renov8 are less expensive and time consuming than traditional remodeling and replacement methods but are every bit as restorative. Contact Renov8 today for a free consultation and quote. We can handle all of your kitchen refinishing and bathroom refinishing in Knightdale.

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Reglazing, Resurfacing & Refinishing Services in Knightdale NC

Renov8 is the name to trust for superior reglazing, resurfacing and refinishing services in Knightdale. Unlike other methods of  remodeling, kitchen refinishing and bathroom refinishing in Knightdale NC from Renov8 allows you to continue to use these important areas. Our methods are also less expensive and less time consuming while still enabling you to enjoy your newly beautified areas. Renov8 handles refinishing, resurfacing and reglazing services for countertops, cabinets, sinks, bathtubs and other hard-surfaced areas of your home. We can handle any job no matter the size and provide both commercial and residential services. Contact Renov8 today to receive a free quote for kitchen refinishing and bathroom refinishing in Knightdale NC.

Knightdale NC Resurfacing Services From Renov8

Renov8 can handle reglazing, refinishing and resurfacing services in Knightdale and surrounding areas for these and other materials:

  • Tile
  • Plastic
  • Marble
  • Fiberglass
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Wood Cabinets
  • Formica
  • Laminate
  • Porcelain
  • Cultural Marble
  • Metal Furniture
  • And Other Hard Surfaces

Renov8 is your source for kitchen resurfacing and bathroom refinishing in Knightdale NC. Call today for a free quote.

Knightdale NC Bathroom Refinishing & Kitchen Refinishing

Renov8 can handle all of your kitchen refinishing and bathroom refinishing in Knightdale NC including:

  • Grout Cleaning
  • Sink Resurfacing
  • Bathtub Refinishing
  • Cabinet Resurfacing
  • Crack & Chip Repairs
  • Vanity Top Refinishing
  • Kitchen Tile Reglazing
  • Countertop Reglazing
  • Kitchen Tile Refinishing
  • Bathroom Tile Refinishing
  • Fiberglass Shower Resurfacing
  • And Other Refinishing Services

Contact the team at Renov8 for refinishing services in Knightdale NC. We will provide you a free consultation and quote.

Floor & Tile Resurfacing in Knightdale NC

Floor & Tile Resurfacing in Knightdale NC

Vanity Refinishing in Knightdale NC

Vanity Top Refinishing in Knightdale NC

Bathtub Resurfacing in Knightdale NC

Bathtub Resurfacing in Knightdale NC

Sink Reglazing in Knightdale NC

Sink Reglazing in Knightdale NC

Shower Tile Resurfacing in Knightdale NC

Shower Tile Resurfacing in Knightdale NC

Grout Cleaning in Knightdale NC

Grout Cleaning Services in Knightdale NC

Cabinet Reglazing in Knightdale NC

Cabinet Reglazing in Knightdale NC

Countertop Refinishing in Knightdale NC

Countertop Refinishing in Knightdale NC

Shower Reglazing in Knightdale NC

Fiberglass Shower Reglazing in Knightdale

Crack Repair Knightdale NC Chip Repair

Crack Repair & Chip Repair in Knightdale NC

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About Renov8: Your Refinishing Specialists in Knightdale NC

kitchen refinishing in Clayton NC bathroom refinishing

Renov8 has been providing the very best kitchen refinishing and bathroom refinishing in Knightdale NC for more than  decade. We are family owned and operated, so we understand the needs of both commercial and residential customers. Our team is dedicated to providing quality, affordable refinishing, reglazing and resurfacing services. Contact Renov8 today for a quote on refinishing services in Knightdale NC.

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Some of Our Reglazing & Refinishing Projects in Knightdale NC

From porcelain and tile to fiberglass and formica, Renov8 provides the highest quality refinishing, reglazing and resurfacing services. Our services are far less expense than other forms of replacement and renovation, but none of the quality is sacrificed. Renov8 can handle smaller refinishing jobs for your home as well as large commercial needs. Contact us online or call 919-780-7143 today to receive a free consultation for the very best kitchen resurfacing and bathroom resurfacing in Knightdale NC.

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See What Our Customers Have To Say

Renov8 stands behind the work we do and this is reflected in what our customers have to say. Take a look at what our clients have had to say about the services we have provided for kitchen resurfacing services and bathroom refinishing in Knightdale NC.

Jr was awesome very professional and knowledgeable. I will definitely be doing business with them again.
John Chance
John Chance
20:01 10 Apr 22
Renov8As a rookie trying to navigate the world of DIY Home Improvement renovations, I learned quickly that sometimes you need to reassess to find a cost-effective solution. My grandmother’s house was in desperate need of repairs and we needed to focus attention to specific areas that had the potential to break the budget! Kitchen and 2 bathrooms topped that list. After some research and a desperate Google search we came across Renov8. I reached out in hopes of connecting with a person that could help us reach our goals. From the first phone call all the way through to the final results, we could not have asked for a better turn out! Due to our special circumstances and with fingers crossed Ms. Patty carried our wishes to the owner of Renov8, we were scheduled and ready. The day of the service, Junior showed up and got right to work - professional until the end and did a fantastic job! Thank you Reonv8! Who would have thought that resurfacing two bathtubs could make the world of difference for our situation.
Sara Hanson
Sara Hanson
18:05 21 Mar 22
I have a rental that was built in 1934. The tub in it is original to the house and looked every bit like it was 90 years old. Stained, pitted, water damaged...just really a mess, mostly caused by a horrible previous tenant. I was referred to Renov8 and thought I would give them a shot at bringing it back to life. Junior and his assistant came to the rescue. I had an idea of what I was willing to accept when all was said and done, and what they did was nothing short of remarkable. They far and away exceeded my expectations. In 2 1/2 hours, they took a tub I had contemplated trashing and made it look like it was brand new.
kevin helms
kevin helms
03:22 18 Mar 22
They refinished my countertops and did a fabulous job. I was very pleased with their work. The young man who did the work was very nice, worked very hard and cleaned up very meticulously after he was finished. He also said thank you when he left. I would use this company again, should I have a need for their services.
R.A. O.
R.A. O.
12:37 15 Mar 22
I can't say enough about this place. Hidden gem if you need work on a sink, in particular a fireclay undermount sink. We had significant cracking in our fireclay sink around the divider. I could find no one who could do more than paint over it. Contacted several refinishers. And the replacement cost for an undermount sink is thousands of dollars including labor. Low and behold, I send Renov8 some pictures and immediately get a call back from Joel. He knew exactly what was wrong, and explained in detail how they would fix it; drilling tiny holes at end of cracks to relieve pressure, then glaze over. I was so impressed with knowledge....So I schedule, and Junior and Leonel come out. I was really impressed at how careful they were. They completely covered everything in the kitchen from 7 feet down with plastic to ensure nothing got any of the glaze/material on it. They did the drill work, the coating, etc. It was way more of a process than I realized, and took all of four hours. But was a tremendous job. If you came in and looked, you would swear it was the original sink. No issue with things getting on the granite countertops or backsplash or cabinetry. They need to advertise better, as there are a lot of people out there on Google with cracked fireclay sinks, and don't even know this service is available. 5 star easy.A few pointers for those who may do this..... 1) The stuff they use is pretty potent. Those guys were wearing high gear filters, and the smell is pretty strong. So I would avoid the area for a full 48 hours. It personally gave me headaches. 2) You cannot get near your sink for 48 hours to let it completely dry. Original agreements say 24 hours, but technicians said 48. Well worth it, but just pointing it out. 3) When done, there is definitely an element of "texture" to the sink; it is different than the fine finish of the original sink. No one would know that it wasn't the intended finish of the original sink, and it is certainly still "smooth." Again, I am just pointing it out. 4) The white, as all whites are, was ever so slightly different than the white of the original sink. I assumed that would be the case, which was why I had the whole sink done instead of just the repair refinished. It was $200 or so more to have the whole sink done versus just the cracked area, and I would strongly recommend you have the whole sink done for color purposes.But oh so worth it.... Thanks, guys, for a great job.
Maurice Isrel
Maurice Isrel
22:34 05 Mar 22
Like a large number of homeowners, I am in the process of completing much needed renovations/ home projects. A local retailer recommended tub refinishing vs purchasing new tubs during a recent consultation. Renov8 was one of three companies I researched and I am glad I chose them to assist me with my bathroom upgrades.Milton was the technician who refinished my tubs. He arrived early, began promptly and did an awesome job! He expertly protected my new bathroom fixtures, walls and floors. I was pleased that my home was returned to the state it was in prior to his start. A job that I assumed would take 8 hours was completed in ~4. My friend who owns a cleaning service can't stop raving about how my tubs look brand new.I would highly recommend Renov8 for your tub refinishing needs. If you are in the Charlotte, NC area, please request Milton as your technician based on this review. I promise you won't be disappointed.
22:36 14 Jan 22
Irene Piecora
Irene Piecora
15:30 14 Jan 22
Renov8 refinished our 1933 bathtub. We did not want to lose the tub that was original to the house when we were remodeling our bathroom. We chose to try refinishing instead of replacing. We are very pleased with how it turned out.
Lori Hambright
Lori Hambright
18:10 03 Jan 22

Contact Renov8 For Resurfacing & Reglazing Services in Knightdale NC

Call Renov8 at 919-780-7143 or contact us online for kitchen resurfacing and bathroom resurfacing in Knightdale NC. We provide the best resurfacing, reglazing and refinishing services available in Knightdale, Holly Springs, Apex, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, Clayton, Durham, Cary, Garner, Morrisville, Carrboro, Fuquay Varina, Smithfield,  and nearby services areas around Raleigh and Charlotte. Our team can handle wall & floor tile refinishing, shower tile refinishing, countertop resurfacing, fiberglass shower resurfacing, bathtub refinishing, cabinet refacing, crack and chip repairsink refinishing, grout cleaning,  vanity top resurfacing, and other refinishing, reglazing and resurfacing services. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.