Cabinet Refinishing Durham NC

When cabinets become marred by scratches, become dull and worn, or are simply outdated, the team at Renov8 can help with cabinet refinishing Durham NC. Renov8 will provide a free consultation on cabinet reglazing, cabinet resurfacing, cabinet refacing and cabinet refinishing services that will restore your cabinets and improve the look of your property. Get a free quote today for cabinet refacing Durham NC from Renov8.

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We’re #1 For Cabinet Refinishing Durham NC

Next to painting, updating worn and damaged cabinets is probably the quickest way to give your bathroom or kitchen a new look. Renov8 is the name to trust for all of your bathrooms refinishing services and kitchen refinishing services including cabinet refinishing Durham NC. When you contact our cabinet refacing Durham NC based team, we schedule an appointment for an on-site consultation where we examine your cabinets, make recommendations for cabinet reglazing and cabinet resurfacing, and provide a quote for the services we suggest. Cabinet refinishing services take just a few days to complete and cost about half of what it would replace your cabinets. Cabinet refinishing in Durham NC is fully customizable, allowing you to choose the look, color, pattern, and texture that you want. Call 919-780-7143 today to get a free consultation for cabinet resurfacing, cabinet reglazing, and cabinet refinishing services in Durham from Renov8.

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Cabinet Replacement VS. Cabinet Resurfacing in Durham

If your cabinets are severely damaged with holes or are unable to open and close, it is likely time for cabinet replacement. In most cases, however, cabinet refinishing Durham NC is the superior choice. Compare cabinet replacement to cabinet reglazing, cabinet resurfacing, and cabinet refinishing services in Durham:

  • Cabinet Refinishing in Durham NC is Less Expensive: Cabinet refinishing in Durham NC costs roughly half of what cabinet replacement does. Save money while beautifying your cabinets which are also fully customizable…
  • Cabinet Reglazing in Durham NC is Customizable: You can choose a new color or pattern or simply clean up the look of your existing palette with cabinet reglazing in Durham NC from Renov8.
  • Cabinet Resurfacing in Durham NC Takes Less Time: Demolition services to take out old cabinets and installation of new cabinets can take weeks. Cabinet resurfacing in Durham NC is complete in 2-4 days.
  • Cabinet Refinishing Services are Environmentally Friendly: Using your old cabinets means less waste and environmental impact.

Renov8 Can Handle Commercial & Residential Cabinet Refacing Durham NC

No cabinet refacing job is too big or too small for Renov8. Our cabinet refacing Durham NC based team provides both commercial and residential cabinet refinishing in Durham NC. From small homes with just a few cabinets to hotels, apartment complexes, and other commercial spaces, Renov8 will provide the cabinet resurfacing, cabinet reglazing and cabinet refinishing services in Durham you need.

Contact Us For A Free Quote On Cabinet Refacing Durham NC

Contact us online or call 919-780-7143 for a free quote on cabinet refinishing Durham NC. Renov8 provides the very best cabinet resurfacing, cabinet reglazing, cabinet refacing and cabinet refinishing services available in Durham and throughout the Triangle and Charlotte service areas. Our cabinet refacing Durham NC based team can handle all of your cabinets refinishing needs at a fraction of the cost and time of cabinet replacement, and can also assist with tile & floor resurfacing, shower tile refinishing, countertop resurfacingvanity top resurfacing, grout cleaning, crack & chip repair, bathtub refinishing, fiberglass shower resurfacing, sink refinishing, and other refinishing, reglazing and resurfacing services.

Contact Revo8 today for a free consultation and quote on cabinet refinishing and other refinishing services in Durham, Holly Springs, Raleigh, Chapel HillApex, Cary, Knightdale, Wake ForestClayton, Morrisville, Fuquay Varina, Smithfield, Garner, and beyond.