Wall Tile & Floor Tile Resurfacing in Apex NC

Have the wall tiles and floor tiles in your kitchen or bathroom lost their shine or been cracked or damaged? Renov8 can help with superior wall tile & floor tile resurfacing in Apex NC. We provide the very best wall tile refinishing and floor tile reglazing services available at a much lower cost than tile replacement. Contact Renov8 for a free consultation on tile resurfacing services in Apex.

Wall & Floor Tile Refinishing Services in Apex NC

Renov8 has the very best services for wall tile & floor tile resurfacing in Apex NC. Whether your tiles have been chipped or cracked, need the grout between them cleaned, are dirty and dingy, or just out of date, the tile refinishing services from Renov8 will restore your walls and floors. Our expert refinishing team can work with tiles made of various materials including stone, formica, vinyl, granite and more. Renov8 uses special equipment and materials to strip the current finish on your tile, repair any chips or cracks and then provide tile reglazing services of a color and pattern of your choice. The process is completed quickly and your “new” floor or wall is ready for use in 48 hours. When you need wall tile & floor tile resurfacing in Apex NC, contact the experts at Renov8.

Floor Tile & Wall Tile Reglazing in Apex NC

Renov8 does more than just clean and repair dirty and damaged tiles. When you contact us for wall tile & floor tile resurfacing in Apex NC, we can provide a totally new look for your wall or floor. Our team can assist you in choosing the perfect pattern or color to compliment your space. From there, we will put the new style into place during tile reglazing. Tile reglazing in Apex NC is more than 50% more cost effective than tile replacement and takes far less time. Contact Renov8 today for a free consultation on floor tile and wall tile refinishing services in Apex NC and beyond.


Tile Replacement VS. Tile Resurfacing in Apex NC

Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom or just want to clean up the look of dirty and dingy tiles, wall tile & floor tile resurfacing in Apex NC is superior to tile replacement services. Consider these reasons:

  • Lower Environmental Impact – Tile refinishing services use existing tiles  instead of throwing them out. That means less garbage for the landfill.
  • Lower Cost – Tile reglazing services in Apex NC cost about half of what tile replacement does without sacrificing quality.
  • Faster Results – Wall tile and floor tile resurfacing in Apex NC takes far less time than tile replacement. Demolition and replacement services can take weeks, leaving you unable to access or use the room. Tile resurfacing from Renov8 is complete in just a few days.
  • Customizable Appearance – Tile reglazing from Renov8 not only restores tiles to “like new”, but we can even resurface your tiles with a new color or pattern.

Contact Renov8 For Floor Tile & Wall Tile Resurfacing in Apex NC

Call Renov8 at 919-780-7143 or contact us online for wall tile & floor tile resurfacing in Apex NC. Our team will provide a free consultation and quote for the reglazing and refinishing services you need. Tile resurfacing and other refinishing services from Renov8 are lower in cost, takes less time, is more environmentally friendly and are just as customizable as tile replacement and other renovation methods. The team at Renov8 can help with all of your reglazing, resurfacing and refinishing needs including shower tile refinishing, fiberglass shower resurfacingsink resurfacing, bathtub refinishing, cabinet refinishing, grout cleaningvanity top refinishing, crack & chip repairs, countertop resurfacing, and more.

Contact Renov8 today for commercial and residential wall tile & floor tile resurfacing in Apex NC and other service areas. Renov8 is proud to provide the very best resurfacing, reglazing and refinishing services in Apex, Holly SpringsChapel Hill, Knightdale, Clayton, Wake Forest, DurhamCary, Smithfield, Carrboro, Garner Morrisville, Charlotte and Raleigh. Contact us today to set up a free on site consultation.